Using CentOS for MicroStrategy Servers Using CentOS for MicroStrategy Servers
Welcome to our Blog Post on Using CentOS for MicroStrategy Servers.

In the past, we at Empower BI, did not have the linux skills to implement CentOS for MicroStrategy Servers.

We believe there are MicroStrategy users in Romania who would like to migrate their Windows Server based MicroStrategy Servers to CentOS to save the Microsoft Licence Fees.

Moving to CentOS also creates the opportunity for using more CPUs for your web server and Intelligence Server without an increase in the license fees for the operating system.

If you are a MicroStrategy user in Romania, or nearby country like Moldova, Bulgaria or Hungary, and you would like to discuss with us a cross grade from Microsoft Server to CentOS?

We would be pleased to discuss with you your needs and provide a proposal to move you to CentOS.