Multi Level Data And MicroStrategy Multi Level Data And MicroStrategy
Hello and welcome to this new blog post about multi-level data and MicroStrategy.

We hope you learn from it and we hope you like it.

As most of you would not know the whole idea of multi-level data inside a relational database as a star schema was invented by Ralph Kimball back in the early 80s when he worked at a company called Metaphor Computer Systems.

Metaphor was a pioneer of Business Intelligence and it lives on as Meta5.

You can find them at

In the 90s Ralph published many books and taught many courses. But the idea of multi-level data stored in the one table never really caught on.

By 2002 Ralph stopped writing for DBMS Magazine and did not talk too much more about these databases and how they were built.

After 20 years of talking about them it just seemed like very few people were interested despite the benefits of such database design.

We at Empower BI decided that we would experiment with the sort of database design that Ralph had proposed and see if we can make it work properly using the power of MicroStrategy.

We did this mostly out of interest just to see if we could. Since we were successful we thought we would share the knowledge with the rest of the world.

We believe that creating and maintaining multi-level data the way we have learned will empower us to build higher performance data warehouses at lower cost.

If other people are also able to follow in our footsteps this can only be of benefit to our combined clients as well as to MicroStrategy.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our presentation.

We have prepared both a powerpoint presentation (as a PDF) and a video file of the presentation.

The video recording shows MicroStrategy perfectly navigating the sample database that we have created as a demonstration.

So you can either read the slides and take our word that it works as advertised, or, watch the video and see MicroStrategy navigating the multi level data perfectly!