01 -Sales Analysis 01 -Sales Analysis
The Sales Analysis App is the flagship for our sales analysis suite. 
This highly complex app give you a tool to analyse your sales data at different levels by presenting a large variety of KPIssuch as Net Sales, Budget, Profit or Discounts as well as comparisons with Previous Periods Values or Targets.
You can browse the Sales Data in an organic and intuitive manner, starting at company level and reaching all the way to Item Daily Sales analysis.
Company Overview
This first dashboard offers you a comprehensive overview of your company’s sales. 
You are given insights into your revenue and profit and you are able to compare them against preset targets. 
The analysis is available on a yearly and monthly level

Customer Analysis
This second dashboard is an extension of the Company Overview and provides the facility for you to facility to view the sales KPIsanalysis at Customer level. 
You can compare sales against last year’s on an absolute basis as well as in percentage. 
You have the facility to look at the Customer performance Sales data by Company Level or by Sales Person.
Daily Spread
This third dashboard presents the daily spread of your Revenue and Profit % as well as the facility to analyse the Product Group distribution in other KPIs such as Discounts Offered or Invoiced quantity.
Sales Figures
This last dashboard provides the facility to select a period and analyse your sales KPIs.
From here you have the facility to drill through to the underlying data and slice and dice the information based on your analysis needs.
You can start your analysis at either the Item or the Customer level.